LG TV Not Connecting to Wifi

LG TV Not Connecting to Wifi? [Quick Fixes]

We are heavily reliant on the internet nowadays. Not just for our laptops and smartphones but for our smart televisions too. If your LG TV isn’t connecting to the Wi-Fi, be assured there are multiple reasons behind the error. Not only is the process frustrating, but it could be more efficient too. In most cases, …

Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines

Healing Wounds: Overcoming Co-Parenting Harassment And Moving Forward

Even in the best of circumstances, navigating co-parenting can be difficult. While efficient communication and cooperation are critical for the children’s well-being, co-parent’s behavior might occasionally transcend the line into harassment.  Harassment by a co-parent can harm both parents’ mental and emotional well-being and the children’s overall well-being. That’s why it is important to understand …

baby stare at strangers

Explained: Why do Babies Stare at Me?

An infant’s eyes are full of vitality. They roam, emote, enquire, and grin with their eyes long before the baby can communicate with actions or baby words.  They can also be disturbing. Why are infants staring at me? Decades of studies indicate that the “infant gaze” occurs from birth because facial features and emotions offer …