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Why is My Blink Camera Flashing Red? [Reasons and Fixes]

With the kind of world we live in, needing a good-quality security camera is the need of the hour. The Blink camera is hands down one of the best options in the market, especially for the price it is available.

But what even is the purpose of installing a security camera outside your house if it doesn’t work? Well, that’s something that several Blink users have been complaining about. There are several reasons why the Blink camera is flashing a red light. However, once it does, you won’t be able to see the camera feed on your phone anymore.

Since it imposes a risk to your home’s security, knowing the reasons and fixes behind the Blink camera flashing red is the need of the hour. This article will walk you through all the potential reasons in detail.

Understanding Blink Camera Indicators

When distinguishing the Blink camera indicators, there are three factors worth looking into.

  • The blue indicator or blue status light in your Blink camera means actively recording a clip.
  • The green indicator in your Blink camera indicates when the camera is powered, but it isn’t actively recording anything in the surrounding.
  • The red indicator in your Blink camera indicates that the device isn’t actively recording any footage or isn’t connected to the internet. More on that will be discussed later.

These are some of the indicators in the Blink Camera that you need to be aware of. Ideally, keeping an eye on these indicators will give you an idea of whether or not the cameras are working and what you can do to change that issue.

Possible Reasons for Blink Camera Flashing Red

Why is My Blink Camera Flashing Red

With the basics out of the way, let’s focus on the red-light indicator and what it means for the Blink camera. As we mentioned before, there could be several reasons why it’s blinking red, so identifying the cause is essential if you want to fix it and get it back to its normal functions.

1. Low Battery

One of the most common and obvious reasons is that the Blink camera is running out of battery. This is especially true when your outdoor camera’s batteries are running out.

This is what you need to look out for. If the camera’s blue recording light goes out and is followed by a flashing red light a few times, that’s an indicator that your security camera has a low battery.

If the batteries are about to run out, even the red blinking will stop, and no light will appear. The best way to cross-check that is by using the Blink app.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open the installed Blink app on your phone.
  • Besides the outdoor camera’s name, click on Settings.
  • Tap on General Settings.
  • Navigate to Device Details and click on Battery Level.
  • If the batteries are running low, it will indicate there. If not, it should say “OK.”

For those unaware, Blink outdoor cameras run on two AA lithium non-rechargeable batteries. So, if your batteries run low, it’s time to change them.

2. Poor Wi-Fi Connection

Another reason why the Blink camera is flashing red light is due to poor internet connectivity. If the battery isn’t an issue, the following possible reason is an unstable Wi-Fi connection.

You need to check the router and then cross-check if the internet connection is stable and working. If not, you might have to reset your router to troubleshoot the error.

Also, remember that the red lights blinking in the camera could be temporary after you have connected it. Once the device establishes a stable internet connection, the red light will fix itself and turn to blue blinking light to indicate that its recording everything.

3. Set-up Process

During the initial process of installation and set-up, it is typical for the Blink camera to have a red flashing light. Since you haven’t yet connected the camera to the Wi-Fi or internet source, it keeps blinking red until the set-up process is complete.

As you set things up with the Wi-Fi and sort out the network settings, don’t get deterred by the red blinking lights. Give the camera a few seconds to finish reconfiguring.

Once done, the red blinking light should stop immediately. If it doesn’t, the last resort is to reset the camera.

4. Motion Detection

Another reason why your Blink camera is blinking red light is due to motion detection. It is a normal function, and nothing that should raise any concerns.

If you notice that the red lights are still persistent even after the motion has stopped, that’s where things are particularly wrong.

5. Needs a Reset

If none of the above factors are why your Blink camera is flashing the red light, you can conclude that the security camera needs a reset.

Sometimes, this is an easier way out of the issue, helping you figure things out without any hassle. It also saves a lot of time that you’d otherwise spend debugging the problem in the first place.

Understanding why the blinking red light is essential to implement a relevant fix.

6 Solutions to Fix the Issue

Once you have identified what’s contributing to the blinking red light, the next step is implementing relevant fixes to sort out the issue.

We have shortlisted the top 5 solutions to fix the issues:

1. Replace the Battery

If the red flashing light in your Blink camera is due to battery issues, the easiest fix is to replace the battery.

Blink cameras (outdoor) require two AA Lithium-ion non-rechargeable batteries. Start by checking the battery status of the outdoor camera in your Blink app. If it indicates that the device is about to run out of battery, the easiest fix is to replace it before it gives up.

2. Move the Camera Closer To The Router

Since the Blink camera relies on an active and round-the-clock internet connection to operate, it isn’t surprising that a feeble internet connection will lead to a disconnection and red flashing lights.

In that case, we’d first recommend you check the placement of the router and the Blink outdoor camera. If these two devices are placed far apart, it can lead to poor Wi-Fi signal strength and unstable internet connection.

Since you can’t shift the positioning of your Blink camera, you can relocate the router so it’s closer to the camera.

3. Re-sync The Camera with The Sync Module

If the above method doesn’t work, you can disconnect and reconnect the outdoor camera to the Wi-Fi:

  • Open the Blink app.
  • Tap on “Sync Module.”
  • Tap on “Change Wi-Fi Network.”
  • Once the blue light starts flashing, select “Discover Device.” If you don’t see the blue light flashing, you must go through the reset process.
  • Tap “Join” to connect the Blink camera to the Wi-Fi network.
  • From there, select your respective Wi-Fi network.
  • Enter the password to complete the connection.

Cross-check to ensure that you have entered the correct Wi-Fi password. Once done, you should not witness the blinking red light anymore.

4. Set up the New Camera

A new Blink camera, which isn’t connected to the internet or set up yet, will show the red blinking light. It is pretty standard and something that most people should be aware of.

Sometimes, when your camera hasn’t been fully set up, that’s the most common reason behind the red light. To complete the process, follow the steps:

  • Download the Blink app on your smartphone.
  • On the home screen, tap the + icon in the top-right corner.
  • Tap on “Add Device” and tap on “Wireless Cameras.”
  • This will redirect you to the QR code scanning page. There are two options for you – you can either scan the code directly from the back of the Blink camera or manually enter the serial number in the camera.
  • Once that’s done, the camera set-up process will kickstart automatically.

Following that, you shouldn’t have to worry about the glaring red blinking light irritating you.

5. Reset the Blink Camera

If none of the above fixes are working, your last resort is to reset the outdoor camera. The process isn’t as complex, provided you follow the steps mentioned.

  • Start by opening the back cover of your Blink camera, where you will find the reset button. It should be placed between the batteries.
  • You need to use a blunt and thin item to press down on the reset button and hold it for at least 5 seconds.
  • Once the camera lights start flashing, you know the reset process has begun.

Once the reset is done, the camera will stop flashing or blinking any lights, and you should be good to never experience the frustrating red blinking lights again in the future.

6. Contact Blink Support

If everything else fails and the red flashing lights persist, the last resort is to contact Blink support.

You should find their official tech-support page over at their website and get in touch with their executives.


The glaring red blinking light on your Blink outdoor camera is much more irritating than you think. The red light usually means your security camera isn’t working. Hence, being proactive and implementing the necessary fixes is essential so you don’t compromise your home security. This article delved into all the potential reasons and fixes you can implement, so we hope that helps.

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Ava Jones

Meet Ava Jones, the heart behind Passionate about parenting, cooking, and fostering harmonious homes, she invites you on an incredible journey of shared insights, experiences, and tips. As a fellow mom, Ava offers a virtual hand of support and inspiration, understanding the joys, challenges, and rewarding moments of raising children. Welcome to her world of love and guidance.

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