Wee Wednesday With Lindsay Of Darling Clementine: Little Toys | Wood Blocks

What’s more classic than wood blocks. Take it from me, they’re good at all ages, perfect for little hands to learn to grip, then to stack, then to create. I’ve heard over and over how wonderful they are for little ones, in fact I was told that when you tour schools for pre-school/Kindergarten age kids, always look for blocks in the room, that it says a lot about the education philosophy of the school.

Parents love them because they aren’t battery operated and don’t break. They’re fun, and they last forever. Here are some favorites for your littles, mostly found via Pinterest (what would I do without you sweet Pinterest) 

*Oh and they look pretty stored in open baskets rather than hidden away in drawers, at least in my opinion.


1. reclaimed wood blocks found on Etsy

2. 1001 Nights Wood Blocks 

3. big outdoor blocks (a DIY). Ok, so I live in Brooklyn, and it’s doubtful I’ll be doing this project, but hey a girl can dream right?

4. I love the colors in these blocks, so sweet. Found on etsy

5. Totally awesome, for parents & kids to play with by Miller Goodman 

6. Wood legos. I mean… Wow.

7. Nature scene blocks found on Land of Nod 


Xx see you next week! 

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