The Next French Family Vacation Rental…in My Dreams.

For the first time in a long time, the french family spent some time in a hotel this past weekend. It was a perfectly nice, clean hotel. However, this past hotel visit confirmed that the trenches are definitely a vacation home rental type of family. I love a beautiful hotel for the mister and i…but when you add b and lu my opinion changes. Ready for this folks? my kids are loud. My kids are loud and need space of their own, even on a long weekend getaway…hotels just don’t cut it.

In my dream world, this would be the next french family vacation rental. Kind of stretch considering this home on dangar island…an hour boat ride north of sydney, australia. Scandinavian perfection surrounded by lots and lots of trees…goodness! I love the woods!

If you live in the area, do me a favor and visit this home and tell me all about it…

Xo mrs. French

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