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new to me...

this is all beautifully new to me...just when i didn't think i could stumble into more perfection, i trip into a day plum full of it...

first, 10¹² terrariums...the perfect place to house beautiful plants:

i think i may have found my new very favorite rugs, oyyo nº1...the patterns, the natural dyes...love.

finally, these beautiful and adorable birds in flight pendants from handy maiden...simply put, they make me smile.

i hope i was able to share some new loveliness with all of you on this fine friday.  

oh my goodness! i do love pinterest.  i found all of these there, pinned here, here and here.

xo mrs. french



just perusing my prettyprettypretty board this morning...i may have a thing for freckles. i had them when i was small..."angel kisses," that's what my momma called them. slowly, one by one they disappeared...

perhaps i am longing for those lost kisses?

xo mrs. french


a pinterest journey

i know, i know...pinterest this and pinterest that right?  i can't help myself.  especially when pinterest involves a little journey.  you know a pinterest journey: following one link to the next until you find some amazing stuff you can't wait to share.

for instance, today i went to HiP paris's pin page which led me to carina olander's portfolio...

and somehow led me to mowie kay, an amazing food photographer...who, it so happens, is a contributer at the relatively new cereal magazine (specializing in food and travel!)...which let me to their stunning promo video that takes me to so many beautiful places, through a pinecone (sounds weird, but watch it and you will see)...

i loved sharing my pinterest journey with you...

xo mrs. french


an effortless weekend

oh you know...all effortless, gorgeous and chic...

spending more time than i would like to admit on my street board.  feel free to pin, or share a link to your very own effortless street look...

have a lovely weekend.

xo mrs. french


friday pins

friday!!!  it's been a long one friends...busy, busy and fighting one bug after the other.  then there was the pinning!  a lovely one indeed!  i have chosen a few of my favorites...

ring, sparkly topemma, kitty-cats, "tattoos"

 beautiful blouse, bar, resin vesselsgown, feeding birds

feel free to pin them as well...i would also like to know what you are pinning this week!

xo mrs. french