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it's still cold don't you know: a sisterly collaboration

yayyyyy!  i am back!  i had such a nice break.  i partook in frolicking-o-plenty...i say "frolicking" because it felt very much like spring in this part of oregon.  i happened to speaking to my sister, tara, yesterday and told her the very same thing.  she pointed out that no one had been frolicking in her neck of the woods.  why?  because she lives in st. paul, mn and it is just plain frigid round those parts.  i had, quite obviously, have not been thinking of my freezing cold midwest/east coast neighbors.  i am here today to tell all of you that i do care.  i care so much that i asked my freezing sis to help me with my first post of the new year!  we each compiled 5 coats, 5 pairs of boots and 5 blankets to keep you all cosy wherever you may be...

tara's toasty picks (take note, tara is loyal to her fellow minnesotans):

filson wool timber jacket, terrain whip stich blanket, red wing iron ranger boots

gladwall parka from pierrepont hicks, pendleton yakima camp blanket, sorel joplin II boots

lauren moffatt dylan coat, woolrich altillery blanket, madewell archive boot

zara combination wool and knit puffer, nordland wool blanket from fab, sorel 1964 premium canvas boots

j.crew military parka, faribault weekender stripe wool throw, terra steger mukluks

now mine...

woolrich buffalo plaid coat, anthro neon roving throw, burberry london kerry boots

isabel marant andrei jacket, indigofera throw blanket from the dreslyn, frye valerie shearling boots

vivienne westwood red label coat, portland collection sonora blanket, sorel scotia boots

zara anorak, maine wool blanket from kaufmann mercantile, frye valerie boots

topshop wool boyfriend coat, el cosmico bolivian blanket, bryr moto abilene boots

i am feeling warmer already...hope you are too!

have i told you all how happy i am to be back...big changes to come!

xo mrs. french


happy mother's day from b and lu's momma

i hated photographs...my entire adult life had consisted of running from photo ops. then i had b...and things changed. in any photo taken with my children i think i look beautiful. trust me, this is a big deal...self-esteem has never been my thing. i am beautiful because i am complete. i am at ease and most of all i am incredibly happy.

i no longer scrutinize every inch of my body; extra chins, rooty hair, less than perfect teeth, etc...why? because i am b and lu's mom and i love that person.

b and lu's mom is not perfect, but she is to them. there are no words for how thankful i am for these tiny people...the gift has been more epic than i could have imagined. i knew i would love them, but i had no idea that i could have loved them this much or that they could have turned this gal into someone who truly loves herself and finally after 30-some years has found exactly what she has been looking for.

thank you b and lu...your momma is so thankful.

to all the other mommas out there...happy mother's day.

xo mrs. french

and thank you miss tina for 2 of my favorite pics...a momma i am so proud to know.


just because...

oh my goodness!  i have had quite the day.  my head hurts a bit and it feels like a lot for a tuesday.  i think the mister and i have been married for so long that maybe we get what the other one needs without having to speak it.  so in the middle of this chaotic day he texts me this video of b and things seem less chaotic now.

i am channeling my inner 7-year-old.

xo mrs. french


the ocean

oh my, are we loving our spring break!

xo mrs. french


because i am always amazed by how fast it is going...

it's a holiday here in the states...i am taking the opportunity to love up the tinies...


see you bright and early in the morning with some pretty fantastic stuff (ok, maybe not too early!).

xo mrs. french