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i am coming off of a pretty nasty bug and we are in the midst of the blizzard of all blizzards...yet, i know i know the next time you hear from me will be from new york...fashion week here i come!


i will do my best to post right here, you can also follow the minute by minute on my instagram (blissblog), and of course there is always facebooktwitter, and my favorite pinterst!  it appears that i may be everywhere!

wish me luck!

xo mrs. french


birthday weekend

it all seems like a dream now...


we fit so much wonderful in two days...best birthday ever.

xo mrs. french


made in iceland

funny how i had spent all of my 20's, well into my 30's thinking that my travel wishes and dreams mostly consisted of wearing out europe.  i have now been a couple of times and have not even come close to wearing it out...but my mind has been on a new place.  i have posted glimpses...i am dying to travel through iceland.  

klara harden did so in a way i could have never conjured.  she took 25 days to hike it alone and her film makes me think i may need to go tomorrow...

MADE IN ICELAND from Klara Harden on Vimeo.


of course my trek would be a bit less intensive, but magical just the same.

xo mrs. french


road trip...

the frenches are heading out on a road trip. b and i are tagging along on mr. french's business trip to vancouver and we couldn't be more excited! i will be back thursday morning with plenty of blissful inspiration on sfgirlbybay...hope you all have a wonderful start to your week!
xo mrs. french


casa angelina

i travel often...in my head. this time of year i get itchy to get on a plane and go somewhere. i am feeling a serious case of urgency this year due to our impending arrival. trust me, i understand the beautiful gift that is a baby, but i also remember how quickly life changes. travel will be a bit tougher for the next year or so.

anyway, i started broaching the subject with the mister. at first i started thinking a long weekend in seattle, vancouver, or san francisco...then i started to think a bit bigger, a spa in sedona, and then my mind exploded and i came up with the amalfi coast! that's it! today that is where i want to go and i want to stay here (it's a dream, i figure the more luxurious the better)...
casa angelina. sigh....do you see what i mean? of course you do. i have a feeling i will be coming back to this post quite a bit. xo mrs. french