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superhero-princess boots | this post is brought to you by the boden boho boot

when boden asked me to take a peek at their spring line and to give something a test drive i, of course, was happy to.  immediately i chose the boho boot in gold.  as you all know, i am a huge fan of black and grey and rarely find myself straying from either.  which is why it seemed strange that i needed a gold boot.

then i thought about it...i have a lu and my lu is all about superheroes, princesses, and all things shiny/sparkly.  so you can imagine how much she loves my new boots!  

after all, who doesn't love feeling a bit like a superhero-princess...

back later this afternoon with some lovely weekend reading. 

xo mrs. french

***oh and there is a code! D47Q...use it and receive 20% off and free shipping!


valentine's day brought to you by terrain

hi friends!  anyone who has followed my blog for a bit knows that valentine's day is my favorite.  you would also know that one of my all time favorites is terrain; a pretty little shop that specializes in sigh-worthy items.  which is why i was beyond thrilled when terrain asked me to share my terrain favorites for my favorite holiday.

funny how many of you may know all about my favorites, however, i am not sure mr. french fully knows.  perhaps someone could gently pass along this information.

oh and THERE IS A CODE for free shipping for orders over $100: VALENTINES

shop my pretty collage:

*the lovely vases are not listed below, find them here.


gift list brought to you by my lovely sponsors

i have no interest in the typical black friday shopping furry...however, i am always up for perusing all of my favorite pretty places online for the perfect gift or two.

it's nice that i really need not go further than my bliss.  i officially declare this the start of the holiday shopping season...brought to you by all of my lovely sponsors...

1. bridge & burn laurel alpaca wool coat

2. paris print shop 2014 paris calendar

3. blue hour designs willow ring

4. PDC cuddling rabbit

5. nomadik bucket bag

6. red park st. floor lamp

7. filoe tourmaline bracelets

8. bloomingville natural wood votives at huset

1. ulla johnson weave elena pullover at heist

2. demimonde turquoise and brass earrings

3. rebyc. agatha bag

4. kealoha kaihalulu necklace

5. frosted willow emerald bangle

6. gramercy eight agate necklace

7. gypsa brass bangle

8. f2 bag by atlier marchal at roztayger

9. ace and jig tee at twig

10. curly sheep illustration by stacey bloomfield at baba souk

11. frieda sophie pyrite rings

12. vivien frank friendship bracelets

13. sea and asters mini air plant pod magnet

so lucky to be surrounded by such beauty!

have a gorgeous weekend!

xo mrs. french


baba souk

life is hectic.  which is why i love what i do so much.  within our chaotic worlds blogs and pinterest, to me, are an escape...a brain vacation of sorts.  which is why this little shop is so up my alley...BABA Souk: creative oasis & lovely finds.  Such a pretty find...pretty in the most festive way...

stephanie and sheila have started something so delightful.  baba souk showcases ithe work of independent artists and designers in the best possible way: by making each item in the shop the star of the show.  

sometimes in this mass produced world of ours it is nice to reminded of the things that are truly unique and special...

xo mrs. french


wee wednesday: swoop

there have been many things over the years that i have wondered how i had went so long without: the internet, the iphone, the ipad, and now the swoop bag.  especially now that b is up to his eyeballs in legos and lu has about a zillion stuffed animals.  

may i present the sweet swoop...

so functional, and so adorable.  check out some of my very favorite colors from the collection...

what's funny is that this maybe the first thing in the history of bliss that mr. french actually noted as cool and completely functional.  you see...swoop bags are necessary on so many levels.

xo mrs.. french

p.s. and b loves how "swoop" spells "dooms" (as in swoop dooms messes.)upside down...what can i say?  he's brilliant!

the first photo is courtesy of of the endlessly talented irene hoofs, the others are courtesy of swoop...