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todd hido's landscapes

the work of photographer todd hido stirs up something in me so strong.  the funny thing is that i can't put my finger on exactly that is...maybe serenity, maybe loneliness, maybe a little bit of fear?  the beauty of magnificent art is that you really don't have to explain it...it's the can't-take-my-eyes-off-of-it part that is truly important...

that can't camera of mine has been inactive for entirely too long...i can't decide if these landscapes make we want to grab it right this very second or never touch it again (no point considering it's all right here).  

xo mrs. french


zara images

a picture is worth a thousand words...in the case of the images on zara,"a picture is worth a thousand (of my) dollars..." 

ok, not really...but it feels that way.  each time i look at the perfectly placed model, with just the right wisp of hair out of place or hands in pocket...or the way the clothing is styled just right i want it all.  

my day to day revolves around putting effort into presenting the effortless.  zara has it down.  the newest additions and photos have me filling my cart again and again.

due to my unconventional career choice i am hyper-aware of the power of a photograph.  i can love or hate the same sweater based on it's presentation.  which is why i have to give props to zara...rarely do i find a sight that is simply perfect aesthetically...so when i do, it only seems fitting i have to share.

xo mrs. french


yuji obata's snowflakes

in case there was any doubt that this world of ours is full of magic...

yuji obata's snowflakes.  i can't wait to show b and lu!  

i can't help but stare...go ahead, you should too.

xo mrs. french



it's crazy how i spend a good part of august dreading the upcoming season...and then autumn arrives and i start to think it may be my favorite.  

i perused my zillions of pins and picked out the ones that conjured all that is perfect about this season...i swear i can smell the pumpkin and hear the leaves crunching beneath my feet...

vibrant building, acorns, truck full of pumpkins, toasty sleeves, decending pumpkins, leafy puddle

An added bonus is the group of picks dear Jennifer put together earlier in the week...reminding me of how magical fall can be for the small folks....

girly magician, forest friends masks, pops, cardboard dinosaur, spooky pumkins, sweetest owl

have a completely fallish weekend...

xo mrs. french


wee wednesday with lindsay | you are my wild

Good photography invokes so much emotion, thought & passion. This is so evident here. I discovered the 'You are my wild' series through Meaghan Curry's instagram (@meaghancurry) and instantly fell in love with the gorgeous concept.

"You Are My Wild is a weekly portrait project that brings together 14 photographers to document how they see their children."

Here are some images to give you an idea of the beauty of childhood, seen through the eyes of 14 photographers. Stunning. The rest of the series can be seen here

See you next week! Oh and if you want to follow along my Instagram, you can find me @missdarlingclementine


Xx Lindsay