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my opening...

happy, happy weekend friends!  i hope you have loads of lovely plans...i am having my very first art opening in bend...

it kicks off at 5:30 at Hot Box Betty and goes until 8:00.  i so wish you could all come!

xo mrs. french


i am back...

hello, hello, hello!  i am officially back and it truly feels good to be home.  scratch that.  it feels good to be with my family, but i would love to load up the whole french clan and return to the magical village of cucuron in a heartbeat.  i honestly at a loss for words...sometimes i think i dreamt of a place like this, but then realize my dreams are never this good.  

i am crazy thankful for the lovely family (which happen to own my very favorite restaurant in bend) that found this beautiful home...a family that was so generous to let myself and a another friend literally crash here for a week.  i promise that i am not being dramatic when i say it changed my life.

i have a ridiculous amount of photographs to share with you, but i thought it best to share this magical space first...i also realize that i feel like i don't have enough.  i have a few details, but really there is so much more...

i hope you have a lovely weekend planned. xo mrs. french


bonjour...part three

bonjour...so many of you have asked where i have been spending most of my time while in france.  we have been staying with lovely friends in provence, in the village of cucuron. honestly, one of the most stunning places i have been..."lucky" does not begin to describe how i feel...

we are heading back to the states tomorrow, but i have so many extra photos to share with all of you.  

xo mrs. french


bonjour...part two

bonjour!  what to say?  we eat, we shop, we swim and then do it all again.  one full day left...

it helps that my babies and the mister are at home waiting for me, but this place has a huge hold of my heart. 

xo mrs. french


bonjour...part one

bonjour from france!  i feel as if i have been away forever, yet i just arrived...does that make make sense?  i wish i could bring all of you with me, because i feel as if it is near impossible to explain all the lovely i have seen.  for now, i will rely on my instagram photos to help a bit...

pretty pefect right?  i will be back with more!  also, later today i will be back with a guest post from one of my favorites.  

xo mrs. french