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wee wednesday: mimi and maty to the rescue

a few weeks ago i met extremely talented, local children's book author brooke smith.  brooke had always wanted to write a book about her daughter, mimi.  you see mimi took her love of animals and did something really wonderful with it...but i'll let brooke tell you all about it.  oh and did i mention brooke's book, mimi and maty to the rescue is my b's very favorite...well it is!

it is my absolute pleasure to introduce brooke smith:

I'm a children's book author living in Bend, Oregon. I'm excited to say that I've just released my first book, Mimi and Maty to the Rescue! Book One; Roger the Rat is on the Loose!"  


The book is inspired by my daughter, Mimi and her special 3-legged dog friend Maty. I've always wanted to write a book about Mimi's big heart and all the fun she has helping animals. When Miimi was 11, she created the website www.freekibble.com, to feed homeless pets at her local animal shelter. Since then, Freekibble has fed over 8.5 million meals to shelters, rescues and foodbanks across the country. Maty, an Australian Shepherd, is the canine ambassador for the Humane Society of Central Oregon, a Disc Dog champion... a real-life superdog!

Mimi and Maty to the Rescue! follows the adventures of Mimi and Maty as they set out to rescue any animal that needs their help! The illustrations are by an amazing New York City artist, Alli Arnold... who has captured Mimi and Maty perfectly with her delightful, colorful illustrations.

To celebrate the book launch, we're working with generationOn, to donate a copy of Mimi and Maty to the Rescue! for each one sold, to kids organizations, schools and libraries.

I hope my book will get other kids excited to help all the 4, and 3-legged creatures that need them. Enjoy! 


psssst....check out mimi and maty's board on pinterest!


a nice week.

it's friday!  i had a very nice week and i thought i would share a few things that made me smile this week...

some pretty bulbs in my neighborhood,

this tranquil bedroom,

a blog dedicated to my favorite do,

melissa's grandmother's rug,

heidi's flowers,

the prospect of visiting this shop this weekend,

this blog and the beautiful photographer behind it, 

seeing my baby sitting in a big chair,

the catalogs here,

and my refound need to take photographs everyday.

nice right?  have a beautiful weekend. xo mrs. french


my baby turned one and this is what it looked like...

hello, hello, hello!  my baby is feeling so much better...thank you so much for checking in!

i am so thrilled to share this little photo session with you.  my baby turned 1 and i needed to capture this magical time since it is slipping by so, so quickly and of course we couldn't put a camera in front of lu without including her favorite person in the whole world my b.  i couldn't think of a more amazingly talented gal for the job than ms. heaven mcarther of green chair studio.  i knew her camera would grab hold of the magic of this age, but i was blown away...far away.  she managed to capture in a photo what i am lucky enough to see everyday.  when my current everyday is gone, and age 1 and 6 pass, i will have these photos, my babies will always be babies in these pictures and i am forever grateful.  

I have just gotten to the point where i can peruse without tears...

never mind...sniff, sniff...the tears are still a coming.  i love you ms. heaven, you are magic.

xo mrs. french


ipads, tweets, anne, allegra, west elm and a juju hat

ok, for those of you who follow me on twitter this is all old news by now...the frenches got an ipad!!!  so far it has been a bit of a problem.  i am having a tough time prying my fingers from it.  due to the new addiction, i have also embraced my inner tweeter.  the ipad makes tweeting so much more enjoyable for me...ok, back to the post...i put out a plea tweet asking for throw pillow advice and darling anne came to the rescue.  she suggested the lovely pillows created by allegra hicks for west elm...which was perfect considering i have been sitting with the rug in my cart for a couple of days.  for some reason, tweeting and anne got the job done...i pulled the design trigger and i couldn't be more thrilled!  

sooo...the rest of you need to pop over and check out the whole at home with allegra hicks collection...


now i need the juju hat...ipads are so flippin' dangerous!

xo mrs. french


my happy place: super natural everyday

i know i have never found my happy place within a cookbook...until now.  obviously, i am not much of a cook/baker, which is why i found two lovely friends to post on my blissful eats section on my beloved blog.  through their posts and exploring of my own i have come across the most wonderful cookbook written and photographed by the most wonderful gal, who also happens to have the loveliest of blogs...

super natural everyday by heidi swanson is a destination of a cookbook.  a wholesome place, a simpler place...where food is unfussed with and photos are just as they are.  heidi's book brings out the natural beauty and taste in food...yes, i said "taste."  i have attempted and succeeded in creating just a bit of the wholesome goodness in heidi's book.  the recipe's are easy to follow and a joy to execute.

friday ms. swanson descended upon my little city and tina invited me to attend her book signing.  i am so happy i did....lovely wine, food and company, all topped off by meeting the lovely heidi swanson, who is as vibrant and kind in person as she is her book and on her blog.  i am also tickled to say heidi knew me too!  i do so love this tiny, beautiful world of blogging.  xo mrs. french