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that's it!  there are a few things you have to see this weekend!  

if you happen to have a moment, do yourself a favor and pop in for a visit...

1. the vanity project is a new addiction for me...and those illustrations!

2. ricotta and sage filled beet ravioli? yes please!

3. this farm in oxfordshire, england makes me want to run away and head there.

4. jessica's diy makes me smile

5. tristan found the prettiest font

6. vipp kitchens

7. yet another reason to go back to nyc

8. suddenly feel like i need a loveseat

9. and holy moly this bathroom!

these should keep you busy for a good while.  

it feels like spring in my neck of the woods. i plan on eating it up with a spoon this weekend!  

xo mrs. french


superhero-princess boots | this post is brought to you by the boden boho boot

when boden asked me to take a peek at their spring line and to give something a test drive i, of course, was happy to.  immediately i chose the boho boot in gold.  as you all know, i am a huge fan of black and grey and rarely find myself straying from either.  which is why it seemed strange that i needed a gold boot.

then i thought about it...i have a lu and my lu is all about superheroes, princesses, and all things shiny/sparkly.  so you can imagine how much she loves my new boots!  

after all, who doesn't love feeling a bit like a superhero-princess...

back later this afternoon with some lovely weekend reading. 

xo mrs. french

***oh and there is a code! D47Q...use it and receive 20% off and free shipping!


blissful pinners | casey zhang & nessa

i spend a lot of time on pinterest and i am lucky enough to have many, many wonderful followers. i am also incredibly lucky to have been on this magical platform since the very beginning. i have been able to really perfect my dashboard by following pinners that meet my aesthetic perfectly or tap into hidden parts of it that i have yet to discover. regardless, when i head over to pinterest i know that i will always be inspired...all because i am a fan and know exactly who i should be following.

often times i am asked who to follow. which is why this new feature on my blog seems so effortless. i am here to help! it is absolutely my pleasure to present my favorites! one or two that i absolutely love and count on to guide me to the perfect what's-next...

casey zhang's tomboy board is ridiculously beautiful. the red lipstick puts me clear over the moon! 

other boards i of casey's i choose to follow: 


little boxes


i love sparkle.  which is why nessa's style board is an obvious choice for me...effortless and completely glamorous.  

plenty of others to follow: 




i would love to know if there is someone you you think i should be following...which pinner is your favorite?

xo mrs. french


wee wednesday With Lindsay of Darling Clementine | Brand Love: Mabo Kids

I am always on the hunt for children's clothing brands that are not only fashion forward in their design concept but also soft and cozy. Mabo Kids is exactly that. I adore their stripe pieces and they use the most gorgeous colors for their solid pieces. Plus they use organic cotton. 

Here are some basics that will instantly become your & your little ones favorites

1. Blue Stripe Leggings 

2. Spotted Flannel Trouser Shorts 

3. Organic Cotton Lap Tee

4. Gingham Smocked Blouse

5. Buffalo Check Hooded Capelet 

6. Organic Drawstring Leggings in Espresso 

See you next week! 

Xx Lindsay


underfoot in barcelona

the floors...for me, the floors and and what covers them can make or break a space; rugs, wideplank wood and cement tiles?  yes please!  imagine the thrill i had stumbling upon this barcelona apartment.  

yes, what lies upon floor is truly lovely, but the rest of it is pretty magnificent as well...

xo mrs. french

via hemma


then there is this whole facebook thing...i am completely late to the party, but have it all figured out now.  awesome place to check out the latest bliss announcements, posts and a few extras to boot!  "like" me darnit!!!

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