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Wee Wednesdays | Everyday Artist & Adventurer

I'm a city girl, and I'm raising 2 little ones in a teeny space in Brooklyn, but that doesn't mean their imaginations are suffering. We don't need a private back yard to have adventures. Right around the corner from us are playgrounds & parks that we basically move into during Spring, Summer & Fall. And right in my Brooklyn neighborhood of Greenpoint is the gorgeous light filled studio of Wovenplay. It is here they create their children's line.  

Their focus is children's play costumes made from silk, bright cottons, hand printing & hand made trims to spark the imagination. 

They create everyday wear as well as costume pieces. Think gorgeous tights, feather crowns, and costumes for ballerinas, cowboys and voyagers. They call it "creative couture for the everyday artist and adventurer". I love that. 

Hope Wovenplay inspires the creativity in you & your little ones! 

See you next week!

Xx Lindsay


chilean simplicity

more and more i have been loving the idea of building a home that is just right.  i know i am not alone in longing for a simpler life on occasion; which is why this stunning chilean home seems perfect in every way.  

MAPA modeled after timber barns in the area, this home was created by constructing two free-standing smaller structures within a larger shed.  

i can't fully wrap my head around the concept, but completely love it.

xo mrs. french

via de zeen


margaret howell ss14

there is something so nostalgic, beautiful and romantic about the images for the margaret howell ss14 campaign.

and the shoes!  don't forget the shoes...

xo mrs. french

photographs taken by the remarkable koto bolofo


i heart monday. 

i get the hint; you have missed my beloved monday lists. i thought a little re-visit may be nice.  i can't promise this will be a weekly recurrence or maybe they will...i had a wonderful time compiling!

i heart this tee, cuff and these flats.

i heart this blouse, necklace, butte (via) and bag.

i heart this top, rug and slide.

i heart this sweater, ring, cabinet, and chair.

happy monday friends!

xo mrs. french



that's it!  there are a few things you have to see this weekend!  

if you happen to have a moment, do yourself a favor and pop in for a visit...

1. the vanity project is a new addiction for me...and those illustrations!

2. ricotta and sage filled beet ravioli? yes please!

3. this farm in oxfordshire, england makes me want to run away and head there.

4. jessica's diy makes me smile

5. tristan found the prettiest font

6. vipp kitchens

7. yet another reason to go back to nyc

8. suddenly feel like i need a loveseat

9. and holy moly this bathroom!

these should keep you busy for a good while.  

it feels like spring in my neck of the woods. i plan on eating it up with a spoon this weekend!  

xo mrs. french

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