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faye toogood's home

i have one rule when it comes to creating a perfect home: a home should consist of truly loved items.  these items need not cost a lot of money, they simply need to be adored.  when this is accomplished you can end up with nothing short of a loved home.

i have seen homes, on occasion, where this rule is the only rule, but this one may be the best example by far. 

this home belongs to an interior designer, faye toogood.  although her career involves creating beautiful spaces for others, it is obvious to me, that this one is only for her and her beloved fam.  

i truly love it too.

xo mrs. french

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i heart monday. | compiled by Tara

Mrs. French’s sister, Tara, here. “I heart” has always been my favorite part of my wonderful sis’s blog and I’m beyond excited to get to share my very own “I heart” list!

Spring is FINALLY in the air and I find myself more and more inspired by color as the weather gets warmer. Bright colors are great reminders that there will always be an end to the gray and gloomy.  I hope you enjoy these goodies as much as I enjoy sharing them with you!

i heart this top, backpackbracelet and these trainers.

i heart top, silk tee, teapotpillow and these pants.

I heart this chair, sweaterblanket, these shoes, and this jacket.

I heart these candleholders, this rucksack, clock, and ring

I heart this dresscollar, pot, and laptop case..

I heart this dress, these earrings, this bracelet, and boot.




lalala links

it's friday and i feel like skinny (i, of course, will spare you.  we head out sunday for an entire week at the coast.  an entire week frolicking with my kiddos!  not to worry, i have some interesting tidbits to share throughout the week and will be posting a pic or two or three.

in the mean time, check out all of thee worth-a-visit spots throughout the weekend.

this dreamy workspace

this snazzy outfit

this magic that can happen when just the right stylist and photographer get together

these ladies

and these supremely talented ladies

this dreamy wishlist

xo mrs. french


blissful pinner | lily

these blissful pinner posts have quickly become my favorites.  i do believe that i follow the very best of the best and it is an honor to make introductions to all of you.

lily's life board is just that..."life" but the most beautiful kind.  

like a dream i never want to wake from.  

lily's remaining boards are all pinworthy...i could never suggest you follow 2 or 3, you must follow them all.

xo mrs. french


graham & spencer spring 2014

coveting grahm & spencer's spring line; yes, i pretty much want each and every top, dress, skirt and pair of perfect trousers.

Jenny Graham and Toni Spencer get it right season after season.

i am officially delcaring myself a "super-fan."

xo mrs. french

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