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blissful sponsor: jill bent

Every time I look at my next sponsor's work I am reminded to take a step back, breathe, and simplify.  Jill Bent's pieces are simply lovely.  A type of breeze I so wish would come into my life and rustle my hair.  Her work is made from vintage and all natural fabrics.  I personally own one of her pretty bags and cannot leave the house without receiving at least one compliment....

What strikes me most about Jill's work is the loving details.  I think the most wonderful thing about my bag is the lining...it is the details such as these that put her in a class all her own.

I can honestly say that I find a warmness knowing that by owning something from Jill's shop I am also taking a bit of her scaled back, clutterless everyday with me.  Until I figure out how to make my own life a little less chaotic, I find great comfort in this.  

Thank you Jill, for your sponsorship and that lovely breath of fresh air I have come to know...xxoo mrs. french


barb's lovely abode...

I have so much love for barb's (the genius momma behind knack studios) house.  I knew it would be fantastic, I knew that she would find just the right ways to take something from here or something from there...redo it, make it her own and turn it into a masterpiece.  I am also so happy that one of those pieces from here or there happens to be my tiny moon.  Thank you so much Barb for adding my piece to your treasures....

xxoo mrs. french

p.s. now I just need to figure out a way to talk her out of that orange cabinet and talk ms. michelle into making me a chair just like the one in barb's house...busy, busy!


a guest post on Your Destiny is Stone Golden...I am so darn lucky...

I created a portrait using photographs on the lovely Deb's blog today...come see me please...
xo mrs. french


socks please...

I need new socks....

these would do quite nicely....xo mrs. french


nygårdsanna take 2

Hello friends...I first need to take the time to thank Jane and Alicia.  I knew their posts would be spectacular and I have to say they went above and beyond...so lovely!

I always find myself a bit quiet after my family leaves...I had a wonderful time with my little sister and B had the most magical time with his "Aunty T"...I am giving myself one day to feel a bit sad...not to worry, there are plenty of beautiful things to occupy my bliss...

I first discovered the beautiful Swedish line nygårdsanna back in November and have been paying close attention every since...I am loving everything and I mean absolutely everything I am seeing for spring... 

...hope you are all having a lovely week....xo mrs. french