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Happy, happy Friday!  I have driven by Cargo a zillion times without my camera...yesterday I had it with me.  I made Mr. French stop the car so I could get out and take a few photographs....

pinwheel pinwheel

basket of pretty

holding on...


festive don't you think?  I love this city.  I hope your weekend is plumb full of festivities...
xo mrs. french
I plan on sticking some of these in my new shop later today...


my in-your-dreams beach house...

No need to worry sweet friends, I have found my beach house and its pretty darn near my favorite beach in the entire world (our of the ones I have been to anyway)...

I first fixed upon this gem back in October...Design Sponge did a lovely before and after post in its honor and I have been in love with it ever since.  The only problem was at the time, it was not available...then the other day I was perusing my regular home listing sites and guess what (I bet you can)?  It's for sale!  I cannot tell you how excited I am...now another problem arises...ummm I guess you can guess that too.  1.5 million may be a bit more than I can swing on a second home...yep just a tiny bit...xo mrs. french
if you happen to acquire it before I have a chance to, please feel free to email me...the frenches would love to be your summer guests...thanks so much...muwah!!!

....I told you I have been stalking it.

***psssst...don't forget to comment on my "blissday" giveaway posted earlier today..xo


another missed birthday....

I'm notorious for it...I never remember birthdays.  Which is why it is no surprise at all that I missed my beloved blog's big day.  On March 9 bliss turned 1!  I need to make up for this somehow...a giveaway!  Leave a comment between now and Sunday at 9pm pacific time and you could win 3 photographs...you pick!  

I need to thank all of you for one of the best years of my life...I have been amazed by all the beautiful, talented folks I have met this year and by the pure goodness all around me...you have truly helped me discover lovely things within myself.  thank you for the journey...I have no intention of stopping anytime soon...
xo mrs. french
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wedded inspiration

I am constantly on a search...searching for inspirational bits.  I guess that's what us bloggers do...today I ended up somewhere beautifully unexpected...  

The Frenches have been married for almost 11 years...I have no plans to marry again, but sometimes I wish I had...to the same mister of course.  I found myself on the site for Once Wed...the most wonderful site for lovingly, gently worn gowns (why oh why was this not around back in the day?).  Part of the perfection of this site is found in the "real weddings" section.  Photographs taken from the most beautiful ceremonies I have ever seen...so pretty that I find them inspirational on any day...

xo mrs. french


a bit different...

blossoms and birds
not quite the same...a new shop of photographs: {blissful images too}....
hope you like it!
mrs. french