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blissful residence take II

ok, I have to admit it felt pretty good to share yesterday...I am going to put a few more snippets out there (because I am completely preoccupied by this)...and then I am done for a bit.  

we are not as close as I would like to be at this very moment, but for some reason I feel as if we may have found ourselves the home B will grow up in...I guess you could say I am a bit attached...

xo mrs. french


Erica Tanov spring/summer 2009

I flit about...much like a hummingbird, but without the metabolism to go with it (thanks for the simile susan).  Due to all my flitting, I often miss things.  This is the case with the beautiful spring/summer collection from Erica Tanov....perfection.  

The photographs, the styling, the model (you have heard it all before)...oh yes, and the clothes are quite lovely as well:

thank goodness I have more focused friends to remind me and keep me still from time to time...thank you jill...
xo mrs. french


when flickr and etsy bump into one another good things happen...

Like blogging, flickr is this crazy world of amazingly talented folks, putting their heart and soul out there on display.  Typically what comes back is support, kind words and doorways to beautiful new lives seen through the eyes of lens.  

I have gotten to "know" such an amazing group of photographers through flickr and feel as if when flickr friends take that step, deciding to sell their work, I am right there hoping for oodles of success and proud of them for putting it out there in that way.

Which is why it is such a pleasure for me to introduce you to some of those special gals right now...I have long admired their photographs and am so happy to share with you their new etsy shops.  

Do yourself a favor and get lost in their links....
~tiny white lights



a blissful residence...

Here's the deal...the frenches found a house.  As many of you know, I have wanted a new french residence for quite sometime.  The mister on the other hand has found many creative ways to change the subject...this weekend we walked through one that was just right.  The mister actually agreed!  It needs quite a bit of work, but the visions and dreams are there.  Many things have to line up (planets, stars and such), before this is possible, but a girl can dream.  

I am torn between "if you put it out there it just may happen" and jinxing it...so I have decided to put it out there in a tiny way.  This photograph is from that home, but that's all I am comfortable divulging at this time...send the positive vibes this way won't you?  I will keep you posted!!!

xo mrs. french


fog and thistle

Rachel of Fog and Thistle is near and dear to me.  I remember back in the day at the very beginning of my bliss I happened upon a lovely blog, written by this amazingly, talented papercut artist...I commented and was so thrilled when she stopped by and said a few words too...

Rachel's work captures an innocence and intricacy that is completely unique to her and what she does.  There was a time that I became so inspired by her pieces that I thought perhaps I too would become a papercut artist, I even purchased a book.  I then realized that there is a reason Rachel does this and I don't...her talent takes her there, mine does not...

I also feel inclined to mention that she is a bit famous.  In February Rachel was on the Martha Stewart show, sharing her talents with the world.  She walked the audience through the creation of one of her lovely nighlights...she handled the whole situation with such grace and ease...

Rachel, never would I have imagined that we would end up where we are today.  You all famous and me all humbled by having you put your work on my bliss.  Thank you for taking us along on this adventure, completely driven by your talent and kindness...xo mrs. french
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