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really just so nice to feel pretty....

A funny thing happened...and it started with this dress...

I got this dress (at the most amazing boutique...so much more about that later), I wore it the other night for a date with mr. french.  I hadn't worn a dress in quite some time (it was cold) and you know what?  I felt pretty.  This simple cotton dress, a pair of tights and some boots, made me feel all feminine and just a bit more attractive.  I have now vowed to wear many more dresses....easy to throw on, girly dresses.  Here are a few...

(I believe that in some of the above cases leggings or jeans may be a nice addition...not quite ready to share that much of my legs just yet)
Actually at this point, I want to wear little else...
xo mrs. french


one of the sweetest most bloggers/artists I know asked me to be a part of her new series...thank you amy.  I had a lovely time...xo t


munted kowhai

I found Tiffany of munted kowhai a few months back...however, it seems as if I have known her forever.  She is a fellow Portlander (which really gives me no excuses as to why we have yet to meet) and she possesses a talent that is like nothing I have ever seen.  Her pieces almost feel too special for this era...

She has managed to conjure up wedding attire fantasies in a woman that has been married for 11 years...I would probably purchase one of her pretty necklaces first and then find a gown special enough to escort it...now that's special...

I see her jewelry as something that could be worn with a gown (wedding or something equally fancy) or with a plain white tshirt and jeans...ok, actually at this point I have talked myself into a necklace...you won't be able to resist either.

Tiffany, thank you so much for sharing space on my bliss...an honor and a pleasure to say the very least...oh and I know we will meet one day...perhaps porque no?

xo mrs. french

psst...so I went over to Tiffany's shop and look what I found!
it's mine!!!  pretty, pretty...maybe she will add a few more to her shop soon...hint, hint...

shop: etsy


blissful inspiration

blissful inspiration...sfgirlbybay....please do stop by...
xo mrs. french


Unravelling: ways of seeing myself

let's be clear...I do not get excited about going back to school at all...I have many, many years of education I feel as if I don't use.  However, can I please tell you how giddy I am at this moment!  I just signed up for susannah's e-course and I can barely contain myself.  I missed my chance last go around...but quickly snatched up spot this time...luckily, because it is over half full! 

"The Unravelling: Ways of Seeing My Self  e-course gives you gentle permission to take a couple of hours out of your week just for you.  All you need is a camera and a willingness to play and explore.

Beginning with your feet, you are going to go on a photo safari into your own life to reconnect with who you are, where you've been and where you want to go next.  These definitely won't be self-portraits in the traditional sense-the are personal images that honor you and your world."

I find that through my own photography I can snap away at pretty flowers and landscapes, but fall short when it comes to looking at myself.  Self-portraits are really, really hard for me...the fact that Susannah has started a class to redefine the traditional self-portrait makes it all seem really, really doable...actually I look forward to getting to know myself this way.  Plus the fact that I am taking a course from one of my favorite photographers...too perfect.

oh and if you sign up we would get to be classmates!  How cool would that be?
xo mrs. french