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my happy place: a home in Wellesley

In case you haven't figured it out...I have a thing for older homes.  I can't imagine living in anything newer than 1928...however, this lovely home has me thinking...

do you want to hear something goofy...I first saw this home a while back on one of my favorites (my oh my how I love those ladies and everything they do), bookmarked it and kept coming back to it because of the gorgeous photographs of horses.

The more I came back to take a peek at those horses the more in love I fell with this spectacular home...

so much so that I may be able to picture the Frenches in a new home...a stretch, but I will try my best...xo mrs. french


I heart Monday.

Good morning...I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  We cleaned, started the declutter process and ate yummy croissants (the only reason I mention the croissants is because of the mass quantity the mister and I ingested).  

This list is all over the place..in a pretty way...

I heart these shoes.

I heart this chair.

I heart this necklace.
I heart this pillow cover.

I heart this satchel.

I heart this top with these jeans.

I heart this "pouffe."

I heart this bowl.

I heart this tunic.

I heart this pretty eye pillow.

I heart these boots.

I heart this towel.

I heart this necklace.

I heart this print.

I heart this matt.

I heart these bottles.
I hope your Monday is a good one...xo mrs. french


pale and interesting

You know how when you hear or see something that you can't wait to share...I was checking in with the amazing Atlanta last evening...(I do it quite often) you know what I saw?  Her and her crazy talented husband's online shop is up and running.  Pale and Interesting is all that I thought it would be and so, so much more...

I wanted to call all of you and wake you up...I became giddy getting this post ready....

loving each photo and item more than the next....

I have a new level of inspiration..I want to cover my sofa in linen sheets, find a lovingly worn leather chair, get rid of all things ugly and coat everything in white...xo mrs. french


tucker for fall

ok so let's get this straight...I am completely against this whole changing of the seasons thing.  I am not at all ready to let go of my long days, sundresses, sleeping with the windows open and icy lemonade.  However, if I am forced to glimpse in that direction, I suppose Tucker has a pretty amazing collection to set eyes on...

each and everything here was made with mrs. french in mind (hehe...not so much, just like the way it sounds).  I love it all, want it all and would  be much more willing to stick just a toe into this whole fall thing if I was able to wear these lovely items...xo mrs. french


blissful inspiration...

chill...blissful inspiration...sfgirlbybay...stop by....xo mrs. french