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I heart Monday.

good morning dears...I have been inspired by my new room...more on that later...

I heart this chair so much it aches.

I heart this jacket (apparently it is made of gold).

I heart this chalk board.

I hear this bag.

I heart my neighbor's dahlias and brand new polaroid film.

I heart this top.

I heart these boots so much.

I heart this skirt.

I heart this little vase.

I heart this tunic.

I heart these snazzy shoes.

I heart this cushion.

I heart this vest.

I heart this planter.

I heart this vase.

I heart these cords.
xo mrs. french


erica and erica

last week I featured the work of erica shires an amazing photographer...she has teamed up with one of my favorite clothing designers eric tanov to showcase ms. tanov's fall line. the results are stunning...

I can't think of a prettier pairing (except maybe erica tanov's clothing with those amazingly perfect green boots)...for some reason the exit of summer doesn't seem so terrible anymore.
xo mrs. french


new chie mihara....

my biggest and most intense shoe crush would have to be the lovely chie mihara.  each shoe is a work of art...the new collection is no exception...

chie designs shoes that wardrobes should be designed around.  sadly, I do not own a pair yet, but am doing my best to remedy that pronto...

xo mrs. french
photos taken directly from the chie mihara site or another favorite, ped shoes...


blissful inspiration...

~photograph by kimmika
blissful inspiration...sfgirlbybay...deep, dark blues...xo mrs. french


dear deer (hehe...I just had to)

I absolutely love the way a pair of deer antlers look.  They are everywhere...I have noticed them in some of my favorite homes or most inspirational interior photographs.  Antlers and deer heads seem to be the new birdy...

I have one issue.  I have a tough time dealing with animal parts above my mantle...possibly due to my childhood fear of taxidermy...yellowstone lodge can be quite scary to an 8 year old.  In my personal opinion I prefer faux deer adornments...I have found so many...

  deer everywhere will thank you...xo mrs. french