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blissful inspiration...

~photograph by kimmika
blissful inspiration...sfgirlbybay...deep, dark blues...xo mrs. french


dear deer (hehe...I just had to)

I absolutely love the way a pair of deer antlers look.  They are everywhere...I have noticed them in some of my favorite homes or most inspirational interior photographs.  Antlers and deer heads seem to be the new birdy...

I have one issue.  I have a tough time dealing with animal parts above my mantle...possibly due to my childhood fear of taxidermy...yellowstone lodge can be quite scary to an 8 year old.  In my personal opinion I prefer faux deer adornments...I have found so many...

  deer everywhere will thank you...xo mrs. french


running into enid...

Don't you love how one good thing can lead to another...I am happy to say that this has been happening more and more around here lately.  Awhile back I partnered up with plywerk and had a show.  Kjell (mr. plywerk) put together a show featuring wee bits of photographs taken by myself and 3 others...150 (I have such an idea, more on that later)  pieces arranged by color!  It was amazing and such an honor to be a part of.  Anyway, this led to a lovely shop wanting to carry some of those tiny treasures.  Which led me to enid...the shop!  Kjell just sent me the link and I couldn't be happier...Here are some of the pieces the lovely enid will carry...

enid is a sweet shop ran by husband and wife lara and tim...the story behind it is pretty darn sweet too.  the shop itself is in fredericksburg, TX (a quaint town I have been lucky enough to visit a few times)...but lucky for us they have this amazing online shop.  when kjell approached me about placing my pieces in a shop I had no idea how perfect it would be.  enid is just the type of place I had dreamed would carry my work and it fell into my lap by accident.  A happy accident...

I have been perusing lara and tim's shop all morning...off the top of my head, here are a few things I wouldn't mind giving a new home...

you should really pop in...xo mrs. french


my happy place: a photograph by ellen silverman

I find these photograph by ellen silverman so inspiring...

xo mrs. french


my happy place: a home in Wellesley

In case you haven't figured it out...I have a thing for older homes.  I can't imagine living in anything newer than 1928...however, this lovely home has me thinking...

do you want to hear something goofy...I first saw this home a while back on one of my favorites (my oh my how I love those ladies and everything they do), bookmarked it and kept coming back to it because of the gorgeous photographs of horses.

The more I came back to take a peek at those horses the more in love I fell with this spectacular home...

so much so that I may be able to picture the Frenches in a new home...a stretch, but I will try my best...xo mrs. french