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hearth and a just-right kitchen

if someone were to ask me to describe my ideal kitchen i could definitely go into a ridiculous amount of detail or i could just show them this one...


hearth, an interior architectural firm out of melbourne seems to hit all the nails on the head.  The beautiful tile, in particular, is just too good.  now i just need to figure out a way to make something similar a reality.

xo mrs. french


i heart monday. 

i know i tell all of you every week how much i enjoy my lists and how i would love to own everything on them, but this week i think i mean it all even more than before...for real.

i heart this blouse, pillow and pitcher.

i heart this dress, hat and necklace.

i heart this skirt, earring, shawl and rare swivel.

i heart these jeans, this top and clog.

i heart this blouse, these runners and this band.

i do hope you love it as much as i do.

xo mrs. french


blissful pinner | ulrika amnäs

in my dreams i dress like the gals on ulrika amnäs's fint board; incredibly stylish, just comfy enough and most importantly, effortless.  this board is a definite must follow in my book...

is it a bit ironic that i am posting this as i sit here in gymware?  hehe...

more of ulrika's follow-worthy boards:



i plan on taking full advantage of this beautiful weekend.  i hope you will too.

xo mrs. french


le marché st george photographed by gilian stevens

i want to plan a whole trip to vancouver around a visit to le marché st george; a all too quaint market/restaurant on a idealic corner.  

gilian stevens and her camera capture le marché st george in just the right way...oh how i wish this magical store was right around the corner.

xo mrs. french


wee wednesday With Lindsay of Darling Clementine | Gunn and Swain

Hello! I am sort of obsessed with this week's post. I discovered Gunn and Swain on a friend's Instagram account, she had been gifted a pair for her soon to be babe... I immediately tracked down the source and found Gunn & Swain, an online shop by husband and wife team Dusty & Julia Wheeler. They collect items for their shop while traveling, meeting the makers and learning the stories behind the objects themselves. How cool is that?

That brings us to the sweetest handmade moccasins on the planet. They are authentic Native-American made, hand-beaded moccasins from New Mexico. Here are some of my favorites. 

*images grabbed from Gunn & Swain site as well as their FB page. 

Xx Lindsay