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made a mano

i had every intention of posting a beautiful home like i do most tuesdays and then came upon this fireplace adorn in this tile and my whole plan changed.

i have had the pleasure of featuring made a mano in the past and it is absolutely my pleasure to feature their stunning handmade tiles yet again...


i need to head out on a hike...this beautiful spring day is calling to me...

xo mrs. french


i heart monday. 

oh my goodness! spring has popped in with a vegence and i am completely thrilled! i am pretty sure that there is absolutely no way i could be anything less than giddy...my little town is all smiles ear-to-ear.

i do believe i may whistled throughout this entire post...

i heart this top, rug, and these earrings.

i heart this dress, these necklaces, and this clutch.

i heart this dress, this case and these boots.

i heart this tee, these sandals, and this pillow.

i heart this sweater, ring, and these pants.

i do hope spring is upon you as well.

xo mrs. french


wee wednesday with lindsay (on friday) | my little style muse

I have always loved a well dressed child. And I don't mean a fancy dressed, overpriced frock wearing child. I mean a child with style. And let's face it, it's really the parents style in teeny form, at least so long as it's the parents picking the clothes out. My favorite style for little ones always takes into account how the clothing feels as well as looks. Soft cottons, warm and fuzzy wools, bright colors, gorgeous muted tones and classic styles. I love a slightly baggier look on both girls and boys, tops that drape and colors that don't scream "kid" are what I gravitate to. 

People are always asking me what brands I love and where I shop. Having a children's shop, Darling Clementinesince 2011 I've had the chance to stock some of my favorite brands, including Nico NicoGo Gently BabyAce & Jig,Misha LuluBobo Choses & Atsuyo et Akiko. In addition to my own shop, I stock our closest with baby & kids basics from Mabo Kids, The Gap, Zara and H & M. The real magic though is how you style your kids clothing. Pairing things well & adding accessories really changes a cheap basic into something special. 

My favorite muse is my own daughter, Juliette. She's 4.5 years old now and has strong opinions about what she wears, and I'm happy to fill her drawers with my favorites, and then let her have her way with how to wear each piece. Here are some of my favorite looks of hers over the years. 

I just had my second baby about 8 weeks ago, a little boy this time, so the fun continues... now to dressing a boy! Eeeps!


Xx Lindsay


australian abode by whiting architecture

posting from the sky.  that's right, i am on my way to nyc for that special project i almost told you about and thought that before i settle in for a wee snooze that i would pop in to show you this gem...

back in the olden days i posted this one, also by whiting architects.  i can't decide which i love more...the beauty of it is that i don't have to choose.  

signing off from up high!  be sure to tune in into my instagram to follow along on my adventure to the citay!

xo mrs. french


i heart monday. 

i had to pop in with some pretty favorites.  


i heart this trench, cabinet, and these clogs.

i heart this sweater, these rings, and pillows.

i heart these pants, this tee, and this shoe.

i heart this top, ring and bag.

i am heading out east for an adventure...stay tuned.

i do hope you all have a lovely rest of the day.

xo mrs. french