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i heart monday.

it hit me today that some serious holiday shopping may be in order...how did it sneak up so fast?  i am thinking this week i will help all of you with your gifting needs as well...extra lists and such...for now enjoy this one!

i heart this cardigan.

i heart this necklace.

i heart these ornaments.

i heart this shirt.

i heart these boots.

i heart this arrow.

i heart this dress.


wow, do i ever heart these cookies.

i heart this ring.

i heart this collage.

i heart this cardi.

i heart this arrow.

i heart this bracelet.

i heart this blouse.

i heart this bag.

i heart this necklace.

i heart these leggings.

i heart this napkin.

i heart these boots.

i heart these jams.

i heart onyx...especially this onyx.

the peaceful wishes, quiet cozy moments, and gleeful giggles from little ones will hopefully find you as well (my house is full of them!).

xo mrs. french

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